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Citra® Products of Florida, a U.S. producer of fruit eating kitchen housewares, traces its roots to 1910. Citrus grower Charles Schiller invented what originally was termed a citrus sucker, a wooden device that allowed juice to be sipped directly from the orange itself. That early device has evolved into the Citra Citrus Sipper and was launched into prominence at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933-1934. Today made from plastic, the Citrus Sipper is a flagship product in the company’s line, which also includes an array of citrus spoons and knives, grapefruit corer, strawberry huller, citrus peelers, mini juicer, and the O.J. Squeater, another device allowing juice to be sipped directly from oranges.

In 2012, the principals of McClain’s Old Florida Gourmet purchased Citra Products from Nan Norman, Charles Schiller’s granddaughter, and her family. Citra, which Schiller dubbed “the useful souvenir” is a natural fit for McClain’s, a regional distributor of shelf stable gourmet food, bulk and count candy, and Florida specialties and novelties. Today, Citra Products are available throughout the Southeast in specialty markets, grove stores, beach stores, and amusement parks.

All Citra products are made in the U.S.A., and in keeping with the company’s long tradition of partnering with nonprofit organizations, special education students in Florida high schools have gained work training, job experience, and life skills by assembling Citra products. The Arc Tampa Bay Foundation, which serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, also has relied on Citra for job skills development.

All Citra Products of Florida

#111B OJ Squeater - 144 ct box

#115B Stainless Spoons Bulk - 12 ct

#11B Citra Sipper - 144 ct bag

#125 Individually Carded Sippers - 12 ct

#127 Squirtless Grapefruit Knife

#130 Rosewood Handle Fruit Knife

#139 Stainless Steel Fruit Knife, Carded

#197 Citrus Peeler, 2-pack on card

#2115 Fruit Spoon, Stainless Steel - 2/card

#225 Mini Juicers

#234D Citrus Peeler - 48 ct tub

#25 Citra Sipper, 4-pack in bag

#32P Peeler Knife, 4-pack in bag

#330 Plastic Handle Knife

#349 Plastic-handle Grapefruit Spoons, 2/card

#40 Kitchen Set (1 Sipper, 1 Fruit Spoon, 1 Peeler Knife)

#46 "Pluck & Scoop" Fruit Spoon - 36 ct on Card

#46P Fruit Spoon, Plastic 4-pack in bag

#50B Mr Skinner, individually carded

#558 Strawberry Huller

Gator Bubblegum Cartons - 48 ct

Key Lime Cheeseball Mix

OJ Squeater - 500 ct bulk

Orange Bubblegum Cartons - 48 ct

Wooden Orange Gum Crate

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