Anastasia Confections Inc

Established in 1984 in Florida, Anastasia Confections has been committed to the development of innovative specialty candy products. The success and recognition of our products and bright, colorful packaging in Florida led us to expand our products on a national level. The Anastasia Confections team is committed to making the highest quality candies using the most up-to-date manufacturing processes. We take pride in offering consumers a wide variety of products at a competitive price.

All Anastasia Confections Inc

"6 Baby" Choc-O-Gators - 72/3oz

"Junior" Choc-O-Gator - 72/4oz

1-pc Key Lime Coconut Patties - 48 ct

1-pc Original Coconut Patties - 48 ct

10.6oz Key Lime Patties Gable Box - 16/10.6oz

10.6oz Original Patties Gable Box - 16/10.6oz

10.6oz Pina Colada Patties Gable Box - 16/10.6oz

10oz Assorted Taffy Gable Box - 16/10oz

10oz Key Lime Squares - 36/10oz

12oz Almond Coconut Patties - 30/12oz

12oz Assorted Coco Bites Pouch Bag - 24/12oz

12oz Coco Rhumbies, Islands - 32/12oz

12oz Florida Beach Taffy - 12/12oz

12oz Green/Blue Original Coconut Patties - 30/12oz

12oz Key Lime Coconut Patties - 30/12oz

12oz Mango Coconut Patties - 30/12oz

12oz Orange Coconut Patties - 30/12oz

12oz Original Coco Bites Reseal Stand Up Pouch - 24/12oz

12oz Original Coconut Patties - 30/12oz

12oz Pina Colada Coconut Patties - 30/12oz

12oz Rum Coconut Patties - 30/12oz

14oz Assorted Taffy Stand-Up Pouch -24/14oz

14oz Eastern Seaboard Taffy Box - 24/14oz

14oz Florida Map Taffy Stand-Up Pouch - 24/14oz

14oz Little Toes Taffy Box - 24/14oz

14oz Postcard Taffy - 24/14oz

14oz Sandcastle Taffy Box - 24/14oz

16oz Original Coconut Patties - 24/16oz

2-pc Key Lime Coconut Patties - 20 ct

2-pc Original Coconut Patties - 20 ct

2-pc Pina Colada Coconut Patties - 20 ct

4oz Coco Bites Key Lime, Stand-up Pouch - 24/4oz

Customer Service

Taylor ext. 7417
Kelly ext. 7416

We're open Monday thru Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm EST.